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Women in Web3 Switzerland

WiW3CH is a not-for-profit association dedicated to creating a strong community for women in Web3, to increase the strength, voice and visibility of female experts in the space. We are an association driven to bringing more women into Web3 by creating communities for greater inclusion and visibility.

Why we exist 


How we can help

Are you looking for more women to support your project, programmes or initiatives? There are several ways in which we are happy to help! 

Workshops and Education

We are able to channel the power of a group of expert women to support with workshops or training sessions in many parts of the Web3 space (e.g. Crypto, DeFi, Legal & Compliance , NFTs, Metaverse etc)


Are you interested in Web3 and dont know where to begin? write to us with your key areas of interest and we would be happy to connect you with a mentor who can help you navigate what can seem to be an intimidating space at the beginning! 

Diverse Experts and Speakers

Are you looking for a keynote or panel speaker at an event or a conference with expertise in a specific domain of Web3? we are very happy to recommend experts who can ensure you have a well-represented, diverse range of speakers at your event.  

Roles in Web3

Are you hiring in Web3? looking for a role in Web3? check out our careers page! (coming soon) 

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Leadership Team

Everything we do is volunteer led! Meet our amazing team:


Core Team Members 

Everything we do is volunteer led! Meet our amazing team:

Our Partners

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Our Sponsors

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Being a non-profit association, WiW3CH charges a nominal fee from our members to support its offerings. These are offered in 3 formats, designed to suit different players in the space. 

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Contact Us

Get in touch by filling out the form. We’ll respond as soon we can.

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