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WiW3CH Mentorship Program

Women in Web3 Switzerland is an association and network of like-minded, driven and inspirational women who are paving the way in web3, coming together to share ideas, support each other and collaborate on shaping the future. With a 1-on-1 mentorship program we would like to enable you to accelerate your growth by tapping into the collective wisdom and power of female leaders in Web3. 

As a participant in our mentorship initiative, you will be part of a customized peer-to-peer program for women, providing you with an opportunity to learn from like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges you face. Over the course of 3 months, you will have regular opportunities to connect, learn, and grow as a leader in the Web3 space. You will have direct access to other professionals in the industry, all in a safe and supportive environment. 

Join us, either as a mentor or a mentee, to elevate your success and develop meaningful connections with fellow women in the industry.

The First Cohort is scheduled to start on June 15th 2023.


Who is this for? 

Female professionals working and building in web3. As a mentor, you will have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience (in or outside of web3). Anyone can be a mentee! 

We also encourage you to do both if possible: simultaneously be a mentor and a mentee. You can always learn from someone else‘s experience or get advice on certain topics you are not (yet) well-versed in.

Access to the mentorship program is open to all members of WiW3CH. At a later phase we plan to collaborate with similar groups in other countries and continents, to expand (y)our international reach.


Joining the Program


Sign up as a mentor, a mentee, or both


Telegram Groups

All mentors will be added to a “Mentor Group” on Telegram, where questions can be asked.


Similarly, all selected mentees will be added to the “Mentees Group” on Telegram.

The mentees who are waitlisted will be notified separately.


Group call

We will set up a group call to answer any questions you may have, before

the mentoring sessions start


Matching of mentors and mentees

We will list short mentor profiles, so mentees can select their preferred mentor(s). Depending on how many mentees each mentor can take on, the mentee will either be assigned to (one of) the mentor(s) of her choice, or be waitlisted for the next cohort.


Read the guide(s) before your first meeting

The guide will be shared in the respective Telegram groups


Timeframe and meeting frequency

Each program will last 3 months. 

The mentor and mentee will meet at least 4 times (in person or virtually) during this time frame:
Month 1: 2 times
Month 2: 1 to 2 times
Month 3: 1 to 2 times
We encourage you to meet twice a month if you have time and feel this would be beneficial to the both of you. It is best to schedule all these meetings together during your first meeting, so the mentee can prepare accordingly and both can block this time in the calendar.

Please try to allocate 1 hour per session.


The sessions


If you’re based in the same canton, we encourage you to meet at least once in person.
Otherwise we recommend you use Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft teams or a similar virtual meeting tool. Please do a video call instead of a normal phone call!


Come prepared for these sessions, especially as a mentee. Prepare questions, goals, specific topics.
Session 1: communicate what you hope to learn from your mentor and achieve in general. Be honest, be open. This is a judgment-free space.

Following sessions: reflect on the last session, give updates to each other (how have you grown, what have you done since the last session, etc), prepare new topics.


Entirely free!


Please give us (the mentorship program leads) feedback on how we can improve the program. Tell us how your experience has been:

-   Pearl Imbach: TG @prlimbach or email

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